Sunday, April 14, 2013


I was watching some of the Sunday morning news shows and the issue of gun control and the new proposal was talked about on all the shows.

The debate has become more and more absurdist as the proposal only seeks to have background checks to include gun show sales and internet sales (?) but not sales between private individuals. To object to such a minor point in the whole gun debate is beyond comprehension, and yet they do.

Many keep citing the Second Amendment which I have argued in the past, does not grant anyone a Constitutional right to bear arms but only to a well-regulated militia. But the Supreme Court decided against a literal reading of the Amendment and voted to interpret the amendment as “individual’s right to bear arms”.

Even as I disagree with the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Second Amendment I cannot disagree that the American culture has gun ownership as a right of every American; so be it, but that does not mean a “right” without any boundaries or limitations; is there a right to own a tank?

I recently bought two “coach” shotguns for home protection; one for basement and one for upstairs bedroom. These are 12 gauge shotguns with shorter barrel lengths.

I bought them at Dick’s Sporting Goods and was subjected to some intense background checks. Did I mind, hell no…what do I have to fear but I would feel much better if everyone was subjected to these checks because I fear criminals and loony birds getting their hands on guns…which they will anyway but maybe some will be stopped.

The shotguns turned out to be a little too heavy for my wife and I will be forced to get her a revolver.

I am not getting these guns because I believe gun ownership will somehow be banned in the near future but because our society is becoming so violent and dangerous that I think households will be forced into getting some form of home protection; we already have an alarm system.

The dilemma here is that even though most Americans do not want to ban gun ownership, many demand more regulation as in something like getting a license to drive a car while the NRA radicals want absolutely NO regulations.

To me the NRA stance is absurd and the fact that the NRA is so powerful in Congress is also absurd.

I was happy to see a bi-partisan attempt at introducing a background check law, that even if not universal background checks, is still a step in the right direction.

I think that Republicans that object even to this watered down attempt at gun control should be identified to the general public and ridiculed in the media for their stupidity just like the Republicans that said some rapes are not really rapes, rapes.

The parents of a boy killed in the Newtown massacre were in Congress to plead the case for some gun control. Their son’s name was Ben and he was 6; my grandson’s name is Ben and he is 6.

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